Individual Dances That Show Your Story

Individual dances are usually performed by the best dancers in a group or dance school.

A solo dancer is an individual, and dances alone, he or she knows they are unique and they endeavor to tell their own story.

In comparison to other dancers, there are various soloists who stand out from the crowd and they perform in front.

They usually dance around the edges of the platform as it were, so that the viewing public can appreciate their moves

Females are probably the most dynamic dancers, for they are expected to do a lot of sensual moves. They also usually show their emotions.

They will dazzle through high energy movements, or move others through awe inspiring gracefulness.

Maintain an Expression

As individual dancers, thinking and feeling with this concept, is only half the story, there are some things you can do in this case.

You may choose a theme for your dance, this will be shown through your movements and can highlight your technical abilities.

Every dancer has specific strengths. Some are highly flexible. Others are extremely strong

As you perform, you maintain an expression most people use when making eye contact with someone, or when friends are speaking excitedly in conversation.

Audiences respond well to performers who practice this method.

 Bringing Musicality to your Performance

It is always helpful to have at least a basic understanding of music, either composition or theory.

Thinking about what you feel and hear in music and applying these to your dance practice is the first step in bringing musicality to your performance. A performer can be musical even without dancing to music!

Enjoyable performers also incorperate dynamics in their performance, resisting sameness, as they dance.

Individual dancers, utilize sudden or gradual changes in the quality of the movement that often reflect or work within the accompanying music.

Include the audience in your performance. Do not forget, or ignore, that they are there.

     Don’t be afraid to be amazing.
~ Andy Offutt Irwin ~

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