Dancing Holiday
to Rest and Play

With a dancing holiday, if you are not a professional dancer, this would seem to be the ideal holiday for anyone who likes to dance.

You should also pick your favourite vocation, and find all the places you really want to visit.

As for the beauty of the destination, you will know the benefits, from the enjoyment of being there, to have fun, and to dance.

    You Only Need The Opportunity

These days the opportunity to go to many different places, has increased with the interest in dancing.

It is now possible to go on a themed holiday, where you will meet like minded people, to make friends with, and to enjoy dancing with many people of diverse nationalities.

Also because dancing is universal, you could be dancing with someone, who maybe does not speak the same language, but learns the same dance moves.

        Country Specialities

A Spanish holiday could give you, lessons in Flamenco dancing, incorporated with learning Spanish. 

Spain could claim dance as its natural art, as types of dance have a huge presence in Spain.

Cuba also has a great tradition with their dances, where they have Salsa in a variety of styles, with the most popular style known as Casino.

Another dance is Habanera with its slow pace delicate movements.

Also Rhumba which is performed with a chorus of drums.

Is a Cruise Right For You

On a slightly different format, you could go on a cruise. This could give you a more varied interest, and the opportunity to see many different destinations.

The dance programme could be an itinerary of dance classes to suit your particular style, and polish up on your moves, with a dance or a ball in the evenings.

Dance in a different country, or a different part of a country every day.

The Choice Is Yours

Who could you meet ? A personality or a famous dancer.

Where would you go ? The destinations seem almost endless.

What would you see ? Find your favourite place, or visit the place of your dreams.

Would you learn something new ? About the places you visit or a dance that inspires you.

When are you going ? There are dancing holidays and cruises throughout the year.

You Can Do Anything

If you have the time and the money, you can do anything.

Whether you just dance in your kitchen.

Go to a weekly dance class in your local hall or school.

You may go once or twice a year to a special occasion.

A dance weekend, may not be too far away.

You might go on that exotic dancing holiday.

Or there may be a special treat for you with a dance cruise.

       Meet Old and New Friends

There is no better way to meet the local people and immerse yourself in their culture than with one of the carefully selected dancing holidays.  

Leading specialist operators offer an insight into your chosen holiday destination, for the adventurists or the sightseeing members enjoyment.

  Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but
 your living room.
~Kurt Vonnegut~

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